Frequently Asked Questions

Q?What is Co B I S Microfinance Software?

Co B I S is a Robust Microfinance Software that efficiently manages Micro-Banking & SACCO Operations. Co B I S provides you with Smart Effortless Banking Functionality, Quick Financial Reporting and Ease in Banking Institution Management , enabling you to Improve in-house Productivity & hence Customer Satisfaction so that you can achieve operational excellence across your entire business with this empowering technology innovation

Q?How Can I get to acquire and use Co B I S Microfinance Software?

To acquire Co B I S Microfinance Software for your institution, you should send an email to, Clearly indicating : 1. Name of the MFI2. Country 3. Number of Clients the MFI Serves4. Intended Date of ImplementationOnce this is Provided, Our Sales Team will provide you with a Quotation, to which when agreed, we commence Implementation.

N.B. For a Software Demo you should provide the information above to email indicating subject Co B I S Demo and a Demo will be availed for you to effectively evaluate CoBIS Microfinance Software. Send a skype request to ' cobiscustomersupport ' for a Quick Walk through. Check out CoBIS Functionality Specs Document .PDF

Q?How can I make payment to have my implementation started?

After establishing your Institutions needs and we have provided quotation for Co B I S Implementation, you may go ahead to request for Payment Details available here

Q?What Implementation & Support Tools do you use to reach all your Clients?

The Primary Contact are Support Partners in the your Country in addition, we Use Support Tools like Email, Team Viewer, Join Me, Telephone and Skype to keep in touch with our clients effectively. Physical visit to client premises may be done if online support doesnt provide the required solution

Q?How can I upgrade my Current Co B I S Microfinance Software Version to any of the Other Versions you Provide?

To upgrade your current version to any of the other Co B I S Microfinance Software versions, you send an email to and our Sales Team will follow through with your upgrade request

Q?What Co B I S Microfinance Software Version best fits my Institution?

Startup Microfinance Institutions with clients served below 200, are best suited for Co B I S Lite as it is most affordable, Mid - sized Microfinance Institutions with Clients Served above 300, are suited for either Co B I S Pro or Co B I S Glide. Check out Product comparison of the various products at www.cobismfisolutions/product-features.php

Q?Where are your Offices Located?

East Africa Offices: Our Regional Head Offices in East Africa are located in Kampala Uganda, Sunset Building. Box Office 71256, Plot 3

United States Offices: P.O Box 2679 San Diego California - USA

Q?How Can I become a Co B I S Microfinance Software Partner?

To become a Co B I S Microfinance Software Partner in your country, you can send an email to and we shall provide you with a Memorandum of Understanding which when agreed upon we can proceed to establish the Partnership. See detailed list of Certfied Co B I S Partners Available here

Q?How Long does the Implementation Take?

Depending on the size of the Microfinance and Customization needed, Implementation could take between 1 week to 3 weeks. We encourage MFIs to provide us their Data in Excel early enough if we are to provide the Data Migration Service, so that upload of this information can be carried out efficiently