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The Core Banking Solutions we offer are not β€œone size fits all.” We offer targeted – often niche – services on top of the core banking solution implementation .

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Services Offered.

As part of the Impelenatition activities, we offer a range of services as listed below

Data Migration Services

To enable you efficiently work with Co B I S, we assist in datamigration to have all your running manual files input in CoBIS Software.

Support Services

Full time all round Support for all Our Products is provided.

Software Development & Customisation

We develop Custom Software to solve every day problems as well as provide full Co B I S Software Customisation.

Network Setup & Configuration

Computer Newtworks Consultancy and Setup Configuration are another Service we Offer to our Clients.

Accounting Consultancy Services

Accouting Consultancy and Training on Basic Accounting is provided to enable equip even those Individuals with no accounting background.


We offer Training for Co B I S Microfinance Software, should your work force need this refresher training.

Applications Design

Website and Other Mobile applications designs are provided by our team

Documents Development

For all your Internal Documents like Applicayion Forms, Loan Agreement, Vouchers etc, we provide content development for design

Systems Audit and Security

We provide audit of system operations to our clients when needed

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    Training. Data Migration. Accounting Consultancy. Internal Documents Development